Wisdom Gained From Sleeping in Class

I have kept a journal now for over 30 years which has given me the opportunity to reflect on my life and extract valuable lessons learned. These six lessons are a few that I picked up during my high school years.

High school was very interesting period of life in which I began to develop the early stages of my personality and philosophy. The prior 3 years of junior high were rough for me as I attempted to fit in. Entering high school was totally different, as I remember making a vow on my way to band camp three weeks before school started that I was going to give zero f**ks what people thought of me. If they liked me, great, if they did not, just as great.

With that in mind I was finally free to be myself and develop into the person I am today. I gave myself permission to be weird and explore new things that made some people laugh in the process. My senior year school picture is basically the culmination of four years of that philosophy….about as weird and free as you can get!