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Navigate Your Brand to Premier
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Precision Brand Marshalling

Embrace the Brand Marshal advantage, leaving the unpredictability of freelance talent and high costs of traditional agencies behind. Our subscription plans unlock boundless design possibilities, precisely tailored to elevate your brand. I’m Costas Schuler, your guide through the competitive landscape, armed with high-viz creativity and strategic insight. With me, you’ll bypass the hurdles of inconsistent quality and complex project management, ensuring your brand shines with unmatched clarity and impact. Let’s navigate your brand beyond the competition, resonating deeply with your audience.

Why The Brand Marshal?

Reflective Visibility

Just as a marshaller dons a reflective vest for visibility, I ensure your brand shines in the crowded marketplace, drawing the attention it deserves with vibrant and precise creative work.

Guided Precision

With the same care a marshaller uses to signal an aircraft, I provide clear, strategic directions to position your brand precisely where it needs to be for optimal engagement and growth.

Expert Navigation

My expertise guidance, whether it's leading a strategic session or spotlighting your path with breakthrough ideas. I'm here to ensure your brand finds its ideal niche in the market, prepared for both launch and longevity."

My Services Is
Your Ground Support

Subscribe & Signal Your Needs: Choose your plan and signal the start of our journey together. Just let us know what you need – whether it’s a brand refresh, a marketing campaign, or anything in between.

Quick and Creative Delivery: Your designs, from strategic positioning to creative development, land in your inbox swiftly – within a few business days, from Monday to Friday.

Precision-Tuned Revisions: We refine and adjust until every detail aligns perfectly with your vision. Your satisfaction is our runway for success.

Flight Crew Privelages

Perks so premium, you won’t need to navigate elsewhere for your design needs. Fasten your seatbelts.

Mission Planning Board

Chart your course by adding unlimited design missions to your planning board, ensuring no project is left behind on the tarmac.

Jet-Speed Delivery

Receive your designs sequentially with the efficiency of a well-tuned jet engine, ready for review in just a few days on average.

Steady Altitude Pricing

Enjoy clear skies with no turbulence – a fixed monthly rate guarantees no unexpected price climbs.

First-Class Quality

Exceptional design quality at your command, ready to elevate your brand whenever you signal.

Cruising Flexibility

Adjust your altitude with ease – scale your missions up or down, and enter a holding pattern (pause) or touch down (cancel) anytime.

Tailor-Made Designs

Every design we craft for you is custom-fitted to your brand’s coordinates, ensuring it’s 100% uniquely yours.

Testimonials – Trusted Copilots

Partnering with Costas at Envisionary Design was a game-changer for CTS Engines. His unparalleled creativity and strategic insight transformed our brand, propelling us into a new era of growth and market leadership. The comprehensive rebranding and marketing strategy he developed not only rejuvenated our 20-year legacy but also positioned us as the go-to experts in the MRO industry. Thanks to Costas, our booth design became the talk of the industry, facilitating valuable connections that have been instrumental to our expansion, including our significant contract with Engine Alliance. Costas didn’t just redesign our brand; he redefined our future.”

-Angela Garber, Former VP of Sales, CTS Engines

Precision Brand Marshalling

Discover the journey of CTS Engines, where strategic design and brand positioning led them to new heights of market engagement. Like a well-marshaled aircraft, their brand was guided to success, ready for its next voyage in the MRO industry.

Engage with
The Brand Marshal

Pre-Flight Briefing:

Our discovery call is your brand’s initial taxiing onto the runway, where we map out your current position and desired destination in the market.”

Strategic Taxi Route:

Designing a tailored flight path for your brand, ensuring every turn is calculated for maximum visibility and impact.

Takeoff to Touchdown:

Guiding your brand through takeoff, cruising altitude, and a smooth landing with strategic and creative precision, ensuring a successful mission from start to finish.”

Flight Plan Memberships

Choose the Perfect Path for Your Destination.

Hangar Access

Focused attention on one project at a time.
Flexibility to pause or cancel anytime.

Price: $3,995/m

Pause or cancel anytime

What’s Included:

  • One project request at a time for targeted brand elevation.
  • Average 48-hour delivery on deliverables.
  • Support for unlimited brands to cater to all your branding needs
  • Invite unlimited users to collaborate, ensuring team-wide alignment.
  • Access to unlimited stock photos via Shutterstock for your creative needs.
  • Easy credit-card payments for seamless transactions.
  • Freedom to pause or cancel your subscription at any time for maximum flexibility.

Flight Deck

Focused attention on two projects at a time.
Flexibility to pause or cancel anytime.

Price: $7,995/m

Pause or cancel anytime

What’s Included:

  • Two projects requests at a time for dynamic brand advanceme
  • Average 48-hour delivery on deliverables.
  • Support for unlimited brands to cater to all your branding needs.
  • Invite unlimited users to collaborate, ensuring team-wide alignment
  • Access to unlimited stock photos via Shutterstock for your creative needs.
  • Easy credit-card payments for seamless transactions
  • Freedom to pause or cancel your subscription at any time for maximum flexibility.

Mission Brief

Learn how we can navigate your brand to new heights. Schedule a call today


Slide Decks

Trade Show Banners


Social Media Graphics

User Experience (Ux) Design



Email Graphics

Logos & Branding

Digital Ads

Business Cards


Direct Mail

Word Press

Brand Guides


Blog Graphics


Design Systems

Pitch Decks

User Interface (Ui) Design



Annual Reports

Editorial Design

Print Advertisements

Book Design

Environmental Graphics





Web Site Updates


Web Trouble Shooting

Flight Deck FAQs

What about refunds if the service doesn’t meet my expectations?2024-02-23T09:32:03+00:00

Given the high-altitude quality of our work, we do not issue refunds. Our commitment is to adjust our flight path until you’re fully satisfied with the journey.

What if I only have one design mission?2024-02-23T09:31:38+00:00

That’s perfectly fine. You can pause your subscription post-mission and reactivate when new design needs emerge. No need to let any remaining subscription time vanish into the clouds. 

Are there any design missions outside our flight path?2024-02-23T09:31:21+00:00

Indeed, there are a few missions we don’t embark on: 3D modeling, animated graphics, complex document design, intricate packaging, and extensive print design projects remain outside our current airspace.

What if the design doesn’t match my flight plan?2024-02-23T09:31:10+00:00

No turbulence here—we’ll adjust our course and continue refining the design until it perfectly aligns with your vision, ensuring a 100% satisfaction landing.

How do I initiate a design mission?2024-02-23T09:30:56+00:00

You have the cockpit to command how you request designs. Our primary runway is Trello, but we’re open to receiving your briefs via Google Docs, wireframes, or even a Loom video for those who prefer a more direct briefing. If it can be shared in Trello, it’s ready for takeoff.

What are our preferred design instruments?2024-02-23T09:30:40+00:00

Most of our design missions are charted using Figma, ensuring precision and ease of collaboration.

How does the ‘Hold Pattern’ feature work?2024-02-23T09:30:25+00:00

We understand that sometimes you’ll need to enter a holding pattern, waiting for the next window of design needs. You can pause your subscription at any point in the 31-day billing cycle. For example, if you’ve used 21 days and decide to pause, you retain 10 days of service to deploy whenever your next mission calls.

Who will be my co-pilot in these design missions?2024-02-23T09:30:09+00:00

You’ll be navigating these skies directly with me, the founder and sole pilot behind this operation. For specialized maneuvers like animations or custom illustrations, I enlist the expertise of trusted wingmen—partner designers skilled in those areas.

How quickly will my designs be airborne?2024-02-23T09:29:56+00:00

Most design missions are completed within two days or less, although more complex projects may require additional flight time to ensure excellence in execution.

Is there a limit to the number of missions I can plan?2024-02-23T09:14:22+00:00

Once you’re on board with us, you can load as many design missions into your flight plan as you like. We’ll execute them with precision, one by one, ensuring each reaches its destination successfully.

Why engage a Brand Marshal instead of hiring a full-time designer?2024-02-23T09:13:56+00:00

Navigating the skies of design requires flexibility and expertise. Employing a full-time senior-level designer might cost over $100,000 annually, plus benefits—and that’s if you can find one ready for takeoff. Our model ensures you’re only investing in design firepower when you have missions to complete, offering the agility to pause and resume your subscription as your itinerary demands.

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