Great Guts Think Alike

One of my favorite projects in life was the creation of the “Mercedes Pens” Art Car. I was browsing in the library one day when I pulled out a random book, Art Cars by Harrod Blank. It was about people who decorate their cars artistically with stuff…and I read every story in that book over and over again for six weeks. I was enchanted with the idea and just HAD to create my own art car masterpiece! but I had no idea where to start. I returned the book and went about my business without a clue how to begin. Two years later I woke up one day and it came to me: to glue PENS to my Mercedes! I knew instinctively that this was the right answer to my question. I got up early, found about 30 dried up “dead” pens around the house and got busy gluing. That day I covered a 12 inch portion of the driver’s side door. That’s it, that’s how I started my journey to eventually covering the Mercedes completely in over 10,000 pens.

During this 15 year project people would ask, and I often asked myself, “why?” Throughout those years I discovered many wonderful answers to that question, incredible unforeseen blessings, and ultimately life-changing opportunities that evolved from that first crazy decision. The main answer I learned over and over, that I now share with you, is this: trusting your gut, following your intuition is CRITICAL in navigating life and making decisions, from the small to the big ones, sometimes based on very little information. That gut decision 15 years ago has made a tremendous difference for me both personally and professionally, teaching me how to flow in life following my intuition, allowing me to live supremely better personally and professionally. It taught me to excellently serve myself and others, as well as my clients.

Today I am grateful for that decision and the valuable experience it gave me, and the opportunity to share it with you.