Design Like Bread, Is Better Fully Baked

I am half Greek: therefore I love bread…maybe too much. My mom would send me to the store to get bread and I would end up eating half of it on the way home. That’s why she always bought two loaves. Even though I have eaten a lot of bread, I have never eaten half-baked bread ever, and would venture to guess it doesn’t taste good.

Half-baked design is the same: doesn’t look good, doesn’t feel good, doesn’t smell right, leaves a bad taste in the mouth and most certainly has no business being consumed by anyone.

How does half-baked design happen? Two words: time and money. You need the Time to go through the process to figure stuff out, come up with a strategy that works and then produce the deliverables that will help your venture bridge the gap from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

To do this right you also need MONEY – or as they say in polite society – a ‘BUDGET.’ For the designer, it’s pretty difficult to create when you have one eye on design and one eye on the clock. As your designer I am going to do you a big favor and get the money question out of the way first, then get on with the business of baking really yummy design that will take you and your business to whole new place.

Photo by @hopeful_2121