Freelance Horror Movie Festival: 9 Chilling Tales That Will Keep You Up at Night

Welcome to the Freelance Horror Festival. This isn’t for the faint of heart—prepare for nine spine-chilling films that will leave you with nightmares and sleepless nights.

Experience deceitful one-man agencies, endless revisions, and ego-driven chaos. Each film reveals the dark side of unreliable freelancers, from budget bloodsuckers to disappearing designers. Witness misaligned designs, vanishing deadlines, and creative voids.

Arm yourself with knowledge to protect your brand from these horrors. Join us for a festival that will make you question every freelance hire and leave you looking over your shoulder in dread.

01 | The Shining Portfolio: Looks can be deceiving.
A dazzling portfolio hides a dark reality. As the project progresses, the designer’s lack of expertise emerges, driving the project to madness.

02 | Designer Robots of Destruction: Unleashing chaos on your brand.
“Inexperienced robots take over the design process, turning every decision into a nightmare. Can you escape this mechanical horror before your brand is damaged?

03 | Invasion of the Ego Snatcher: When Collaboration is consumed by ego
Designers taken over by alien egos turn collaboration into a nightmare. Can your vision survive the havoc?

04 | Designer Zombie Apocalypse: When bad design never dies.
Bad design resurrected, turning projects into nightmares. Can you survive the apocalypse and restore your brand?

05 | Designer Vanishing Abduction: Gone without a trace.
Your designer is mysteriously abducted, making communication impossible. Will your project survive the disappearance?

06 | Project Budget Vampire: Sucking the life out of your finances.
Freelancers charge for every task, draining your finances drop by drop. Can you stop the budget bloodsucking?

07 | Silence of the Feedback: In space, no one can hear your requests.
Lost in space, clients’ cries for changes go unheard. Can you find a way to be heard?

08 | The Swarm of Inconsistency: When chaos takes over.
Design elements never match, causing chaos. Can you bring order before your project falls apart?”

09 | The Agency of Illusions: Where nothing is as it seems.
A designer masquerades as a full-fledged agency, hiding a web of deceit. Can you uncover the truth before your project falls apart?

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