The Pen Guy


The Pen Guy was a personal project created from a desire to make an Art Car decorated with used pens donated from all over the world. I began collecting pens and gluing them in designs onto my 1981 Mercedes 300 SD which I called the “Mercedes Pens”.


  • Branding

  • Logo Design

  • Car Graphics

  • Social Media

  • Flyers
  • Web Design

  • Documentaries/Movies

  • Articles


Millions of used pens are thrown in the garbage every day and I wanted to collect them, glue them to my car and create beauty while also bringing awareness to that fact. The goal was to collect and glue as many pens to my car as possible. I began collecting pens locally, created a website about it, was featured on various film and print media so the word got out and eventually people sent them from around the world.

I needed to create a brand in order to build an audience and connect with my community.


If I was going to be successful in collecting a lot of pens I needed brand recognition. As I started gluing more pens on my “daily driver” I needed a way to advertise who I was and what I was doing. “The Pen Guy” was born and was seen driving all over town with a pen-covered mercedes.


Lead designer and creator of the Mercedes Pens Art Car.
I collaborated with my friends, my local community, National Geographic, the Smithsonian Channel, independent filmmakers, a Netflix movie, and online publications worldwide to spread the message far and wide.

Design Rationale

I went full bright primary color mode to match the rainbow coloration of the outside of the car. I used Grobo Bold for the cartoon look. Painted the inside of my car with primary paints and then glued pens on top. I used an orange hard hat with pens and an orange safety vest with reflectors for maximum attraction levels at my appearances.

Web Design
Print Materials
Collected 750K Used pens